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S5 E23: War of the Pumpkins



Pumpkins for days. This episode was a lot of fun, mostly for all the crazy yokel characters we got from the two families. Granted, only two of them spoke in most cases, but they were great, and the designs overall were great. The designs of the two hills were a lot of fun as well, showcasing their strengths and weaknesses. The plot was nothing spectacular, but still had some fun beats, and was well executed scene by scene.

I think my main issue would be Twilight and Fluttershy, but more Twilight. Fluttershy was, well, being herself, so ok she gets a pass. But Twilight is supposed to be the Princess of Friendship(tm). I get that she's a nerd, and that organizing and analyzing is her natural way to attacking problems. But shouldn't she have, by now, intuited that not everything is empirically solved, especially matters of friendship? It seems too late in her arc for her to be having problems like this. Don't get me wrong, it was humorous, but it felt out of place.

Still, I'd call it one of the better episodes of the season. If nothing else, we got to see more of Equestria and its colorful characters. And that's always a plus.
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There's no reason why a friendship problem can't be solved Twilight's way, it's just that until she knew what the underlying issue was she couldn't really do anything. The map sent Fluttershy because it knew Twilight would need her animal speaking abilities to find out that underlying issue. Overall I had no issues with the episode at all.