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S5 E18: Never Stop the Journey

By Esuka
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Alternate title: "IT'S OVER"

I was NOT ready for this episode when I woke up this morning. It started out as another CMC episode, yay. Then we got Pipsqueak -- oh, that's what I needed. Yes, good. Then Diamond Tiara on full tyrant bitch mode. And around this point, I was thinking to myself that they had better do SOMETHING with her, because she has gone from schoolyard bully to dictator, and you can't really hyperbolize her character anymore. And you know what? They did. They gave her character meat. And yes, I felt bad for her. The ending would have been too 180, "I'm good now" if it weren't for the inclusion of her mother. The force of the confrontation allows a more dramatic transformation. Initially, I was expecting her to reluctantly offer up her family's sums to fund the new equipment, rather than overthrow Pipsqueak, and after seeing the others be happy for it, start a slow development into the side of good. But the method we got works too. This was the best CMC episode, largely for the depth and dynamics we get between these four characters.

And then, of course, we have the end of the CMC's crusade. I was not prepared for this. But I'm good with it. It had the right feeling of a long road finished, a goal achieved, and a new journey about to begin. It continues the theme we've seen thus far of the characters continuing on with their lives. We're crossing milestones, achieving new things, progressing with these characters and their ambitions rather than having static, serial pieces that never evolve. And maybe now we will get a better CMC episode.

Now before we get more "The CMC are great what are you talking about!?" business (enough of that with Spike, thanks), their episodes are largely constructed around doing more shenanigans to find their cutie marks, blundering, not earning their tattoos, and sometimes learning a lesson for it. In some cases, they blatantly miss the moral. It's funny once? Twice? But not five seasons in. We saw a few episodes where this wasn't the case, and the episodes that focus on one of the three are generally better. But now that the underlying goal is achieved, it will be interesting to see what happens with these characters. What will their goals be? I'm certainly looking forward to it, in any case. The cutie marks are found, but the journey continues.

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They are so great. They were already great with their general awesomeness and their epic quest to find their destinies, but now..... Now they will be even greater.
I never felt such a warmth inside of me, I'm so proud of them, this feeling I have is absolutely impossible to describe with words. :')
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Great representation of "Crusaders of the Lost Mark!!" Good job!
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I'm hoping future episodes will focus on the trio exploring what their new cute marks mean and developing their characters as a group and individually.  Maybe the cutie map will start sending them places too.
SnapCentino's avatar
The times, they are a changing...
Gadgetphile's avatar
"It's funny once? Twice? But not five seasons in."  I couldn't have said it better myself.
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Bro, could you do us a favor and put a Spoiler Warning censor strip across the thumbnail?
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I actually looked into this way back when and couldn't find a way. If there is one, I don't see a problem doing it.
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You know how their Cutie Marks are connected?

Watch as they happen to be the chosen 3 for an epic adventure after they've helped every Blank Flank in Ponyville.
DeppressedUnicorn's avatar
We got character development! yay! I can't wait for more cmc episodes! Cutie mark Crusader Cutie mark Therapists Yay!
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Just hoping we get some great episodes in the future now that they went and redeemed Diamond. Magical Mystery Cure 2, now with less exploding ponies.

Loved parts of it. Dislike others. But overall I'm happy and thankful for it. CMC came together because of Diamond Tiara, and the quest for butt marks ended with Diamond Tiara. Hell of a way to celebrate 5 years of these fillies. Even if it felt like Keaton ripped off most every fanfic out there to write it. ^^;

And yeah, before anyone gets into a twist about that last comment, just stop. Let go, and move on. People see and experience things differently and invest more or less time than others into this show. If mines conflicts with any ideals of this episode being anything but flawless perfectionism, well, tough. Mine nor yours are any more or less valid an opinion.
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Ha you don't waste no time do ya!
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It was beautiful. The best CMC episode ever and also the best episode of the season, alongside Slice of Life, of course.

So many things got wrapped up nicely and I was actually right when I thought that the Crusaders' true talent would turn out to be helping other ponies find their Cutie Marks or the meaning of their Cutie Marks! I feel almost ashamed for not crying tears of joy after watching the episode, especially since so many others claim to have done so.

Anyway, my apparent heart of stone aside, this truly was an epic episode that simply can't be praised enough. Diamond Tiara became Pacifica Northwest, Silver Spoon finally realized what a bitch her friend was before DT redeemed herself, we got six awesome, beautiful songs, Applejack mentioned her parents and of course, the CMC finally achieved their long-time dream. I never had a problem with MMC, and Pinkie Pride was lots of fun too, but this musical episode definitely blew them both out of the water.

I couldn't have asked for a better 5th anniversary episode, just like I couldn't have asked for a better 100th episode with Slice of Life. Amy Keating Rogers, you've outdone yourself and now I will miss you more than ever. GG, A+, 10/10.
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
I just saw the fanart by dm29 and broke out in tears over it. This marked the tenth time I was crying from joy about what they achieved.
SeriousJupiter's avatar
You keep count? Nice. XD
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
Yes, because nothing let me ever cry so often like their great achievement now. :')   Counter is on 14 now.
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Happy 5th Anniversary Esuka!
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I was not prepared for this episod either!

I honestly loved it. It was good. A lil' redemption for Diamond. Silver getting tired of Diamond's shit. All around good.

Then it came the ending. I WAS SO NOT PREPARED FOR THAT. And I am SO divided! XD

I hope the fandom still uses them as blank flanks for stories and stuff.
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Wow that was fast!

BEST EPISODE EVER!!!! *fangirling intensifies* (chat icon) *fangirling intensifies* (chat icon) *fangirling intensifies* (chat icon) *fangirling intensifies* (chat icon) 
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