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S5 E17: The Quiet Protector
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Published: October 3, 2015
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So normally I don't enjoy public spectacle episodes or scenes. The last Discord episode was uncomfortable for me for this reason, as it was twenty minutes of Discord being an ass and publicly embarrassing himself. And yet, I was laughing like a fool this entire episode. It was so preposterous, so silly, and so great. And I give the majority of the credit to Peter New. Don't get me wrong, the writing was good, humor was great, and the others all carried their weight with the quality we know and love. But damn, Peter. Damn. And I was glad for an actual ending where we get a little dialogue and work towards a resolution. Cartoons of late seem to have more of this, where the characters actually talk to each other about their problems. They don't necessarily fix them, but there is improvement.

All in all, a fun episode and a great performance.

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I’d love to see Orchard Blossom get referenced again
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nikki-okama|Hobbyist Artist
cause i saw the hair and i was like "is that a new episode i missed?!" but 
when i saw the hooves...Human Rarity icon Soarin Gasp icon Foxy Emoticon Chasing - Five Nights at Freddy's Trampoline fun Caramel dansen emote :Portal: 
The Most Fearsome Zoo Animal Jake Gasp Finn - Gasp! ADJ - Himawari Blush Kosaki Onodera (Blush and Shy) [V1] WHY MAC WHYYYY
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It was hilarious. I agree with you, I don't usually like characters embarrassing themselves in public either, but once I got over my initial shock, I realized how sweet it actually was for Big Mac to go to such lengths for his little sister. The ending of the episode was perfection. Of course, many other things in the episode were great too - Applejack being referred to as "the hero of the Apple family" and "the greatest Apple of all time", everypony seeing through Big Mac's disguise except for that one poor old stallion, Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo competing together and Big Mac's amazing vocabulary. He really is much smarter than many people give him credit for. I got tired of the running gag of him not being allowed to speak a long time ago, so that's another reason why this episode pleased me. It was a LOT better than Hearts and Hooves Day, that's for sure.

I just can't help wondering where did Big Mac get the outfit and the make-up from. I seriously doubt he got them from anyone in his family, so I suppose he must have bought them in Ponyville. Looks like Carousel Boutique isn't the only dress shop in town, after all. That's good to know, I guess.

So, the episode was great fun, it had character development and Big Mac was the star for the first time. This is what Make New Friends But Keep Discord should have been like. My final score is 9.5/10.
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I truly loved the episode :D 
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