S5 E16: Parks and Reenactments
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Have to keep today's short. This was a fun episode, nice to see these duo dynamic episodes pulling a lot of weight this season. The play was... terrible, but the actual course of the episode was much fun. I just wish we had seen a little more discomfort from Applejack due to her previous Manehattan experiences, rather than her just being a country girl in a big city. Ok, as much as I love Rarity, she's had three episodes in a row. Let's do someone else now please. We almost had a Twilight episode, but it was a juke. The jukes are real.

And of course: Coco's back. Coco's back. Praise the sun, Coco's back.

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Not a bad ending to the Rarity trilogy. I always enjoy seeing her paired up with Applejack (in a non-shipper way), because those two have some of the greatest interactions in the show. I wasn't very excited about Coco's return, tbh, because I've always seen her as just a Fluttershy 2.0, but I guess that as long as most of the bronies are happy, I can't complain. Twilight got adventure-blocked again, we got a nice Peanuts reference and Applejack's hat turned out to be just a hat and not some precious family heirloom after all. Good stuff. 8/10.
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"Uh... Rarity? Little help? Ah think ah'll maybe need more than a hammer this time."

Wonderful work. I agree about the trefecta of Rarity episodes. I afraid this could have affected the ratings. Or maybe I'm wrong.
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NicolasDominique|Professional Artist
Almost everything according to plan.
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aah so cute drawing =)=)<3
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