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S4 E17: Give and Take



Everything is made better by pie.

This was an interesting episode. Applejack was to an extreme, but I don't think it was uncharacteristic of her. We've seen her be extremely devoted to her family and her work before, and I can see her becoming very motherly for Applebloom, especially when the thought of something happening to her takes root in her mind. Ultimately, I'm not sure who the lesson in this episode was for, as far as the characters are concerned. Applejack was overly doting, but Applebloom ended up jumping the gun to prove her independence. I guess, in the end, they needed to trust in each other more than take the reigns all by themselves. So... yeah, good lesson.

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totally agree whit you! I loved the episode! 
I actually found pretty funny the fact that Applejack overrprotects Applebloom XD, was a good way to maker act a little silly XD 
awesome image Esuka! your draws are always pretty cool!