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Riding Out The Storm



Rainbow Dash flipped the worn page, devouring the now nearly memorized escapades of her favorite story. The hiss of rain and occasional boom of thunder outside did little to distract her from the story. The tug she felt on her covers, however, did. The Columbia blue pegasus flipped her book down and peered over at the orange filly huddled at her bedside.

"What's up, kid?"

"Um, well, I was wondering if I could sleep in your bed instead, Rainbow Dash." Scootaloo fidgeted, stepping lightly from hoof to hoof.

Dash eyed her curiously. "Something wrong with your sleeping bag?"

"Nononono, nothing's wrong, I was thinking maybe you could tell me about when you hung out with the wonderbolts or-" A flash of lightning illuminated the cloud home, followed almost immediately by a crack of thunder. Scootaloo's ears twitched violently, but she managed to keep her composure- "ormaybeyoucouldtellmeaboutyourcoolflyingtricksorhowyoulearnedtoflyyeahthatwouldbecoolwhatdoyousay?" mostly.

Rainbow Dash smiled knowingly. "Sure, Scoots." Scootaloo was tucked in before Rainbow Dash could move the covers. The older pegasus resumed her reading before she noticed the filly was peeking at the cover. "Ever read a Daring Do novel, kid?" The filly shook her head. "I've read all of them. I can lend one to you, if you want." A roll of thunder, this time more distant, rumbled its way through the house.

Scootaloo curled up. "Could you... read a bit?"

"What was that?"

"Could... Could you read a bit for me?"

Rainbow Dash smiled and ruffled the filly's mane. "Sure kid. We're getting to the good part."


Something I did for a friend of mine. He's been having a rough time of late, so I'mma do what I can to cheer him up. Not much, but I hope it helps, dude.
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Aww, this is so adorable!