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It's you, Celestia. It's always been you. You look right through me. I was only ever there for your convenience, wasn't I. I was only there when you wanted to see me. Well tell me, Celestia. Do you see me now?


I've had an idea for an animation for some time, probably since I originally depicted these two. Lacking the skill or resources to make it happen, stills will have to do.

I know there's a lot of discussion about exactly what Nightmare Moon is, but allow me to explain my notion. Nightmare moon is, to me, a part of Luna's mind, part of her but separated. Fueled by her sorrow and her fury, everything that compounds those feelings makes the nightmare stronger, the voice getting steadily more powerful until, one night, it overcomes her rational thought. And from there, it's only a downward spiral.

MLP:FiM is (c) Hasbro
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So pretty much Luna's split personality.

Heck, the writers actually confirmed this in a Q&A thing.

With her bottling up her negative emotions so much caused NMM to be born.

Really sucks the show didn't touch on this nor let Luna keep those dark powers..