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Power of Words

Part of a typography assignment.
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wow, i love it. may i use it for my postcard project please
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What is your project?
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This is the Arm James Hetfield always does
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naaaaiieeeeccceee ! (nice) !
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Hi i was wondering if i could you use your work as inspiration and development work. all i need is your name, when you made the piece and how u made it.

If you could comment back that would be awesome! thanks :lol:
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Hey! What's it for, exactly? School project or something?

The name's Mary Paulusma, I did the piece in 2007 as part of a school project. It's done in Adobe Illustrator. :)
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Hi its my college project, i was told look into typography and found your work and though it looked absolutally amazing! your very talented! :)

Thanks so much for the reply
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Nifty! Glad to hear you liked it. :)
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hiya i dont surpose u mind me using this in my work, i have to show inspiration and development work and your piece will look amazing in it. all i need is your name, when you made it and how u made it.

Thank you sooo much, its really cool!!! :lol:
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i loooooooooooove it!!!! this are my colours, my favorite hand sign lol, and in composition i give you a 10! Great...
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Truly Amazing!
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insanely cool! great work :)

found you through this feature: [link]
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Hey, thanks much- what a cool feature!
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That kicks ass, my dear :)
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*kicks your bum* thanks cutie ;)
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