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Wallpaper: Littlepip - A New Morning

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The first sun to rise over Equestria in 200 years. If Littlepip of Stable 2 had achieved nothing else it her young life, she had at least done this.
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Very nice drawing, mate!
I love her little smile in a bleak atmosphere.
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I like Littlepip.She is mine.
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the side scrolling screen version take FOREVER to complete XD
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The greatest fanfic to ever come out of the Fandom in my books
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The end of that story wrecked me and made me feel shitty for 4 or 5 days TT^TT

Still a VERY good story though
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yeah fallout equestria and project horizons are the only two fanfics that have made me cry (plz dont say horizons ending i havent finished it yet)
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I wont but all i will say is that its a very good ending and dont forget to read the epilogue :P
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I can't draw like this. I like.
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Cute! Epic, and cute.
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WTF did I just watch? xD
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Team Four Star Dragon Ball Abridged. You didn't knew of it? »
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OMG, so funny xD
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Your welcome. Keep the good work your comics are also really good. I love them.Clap 
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So pretty and cute!
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That's the kind of d'aaaaaawwwww smile only a mass murderer could pull off. She brings the light... to my face.
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Message from Kkat:

Littlepip!  :squee:

Aborable! :love:

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