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Wallpaper: Goodnight

MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!
Vectors taken from the show!


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what comic is this from?
EStories's avatar
It's not from one of our comics.
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Reading an upside down book. Twilight Sparkle (what!) plz 
sweetdudebbb5's avatar
i can actually do that i'm the only one in my family that can actually read upside down
CrystalCadenza's avatar
Really? Can you do it quickly, or do you have to decode the words one by one?
sweetdudebbb5's avatar
i'm fairly decent at it i've known how to do it sense 6th grade which was 17 years ago if you count this year
CardmasterWild's avatar
I've done that before. And a few times when I was sitting across from someone at a table they were writing up something. I took it to read what was written and was told "you're holding it upside down". I just said "I know". I admit, although I can read upside down, it is kinda difficult but not so difficult that I can't read anything at all upside down.
CrystalCadenza's avatar
Wow. I suppose if I tried, I might be able to read a few words upside down, but it would take a lot of effort because I would have to decode every letter.
LeydenTheWolf777's avatar
Aww. How adorable. x3
PixelArt2003's avatar
whats up with discord in the moon?
anicreate1996's avatar
HDgraphicsXD's avatar
May i make a base for this ?
snowsong2003's avatar
HNGGGGGG!!!!TO...MUCH.....CUTENES!!!!!!! (dies and comes back)
(pewdiepie FABULOS)
Calliope1000's avatar
IM SO FAAAABBBIIILLOOOOOUUUSS!!!!!No Balls No Balls No Balls No Balls No Balls 
commanderchristian's avatar
This is just too bucking adorable. I love it
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Mossheart45's avatar
Discord with glasses...YES!!!!
JexTexSSB's avatar
Alanna-QueenofHearts's avatar
Awww this is so cute and sweet! ^.^ made me smile (nods nods)
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candlelight7's avatar
i know i shouldent comment on this but im sleepy now....*falls asleep*
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