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Vector: Discord 27

MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!
Vectors taken from the show!
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Discord is not a villain!

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"Now now, pretentious pint-sized purple-behind, makes you believe you can just go around picking on MY friends and get away with it? Don't think your daddy's money and little plastic crown is going to save you from some long-due chaotic payback, psycho princess-wannabe, courtesy of your local KING of CHAOS!"

--- Discord, stepping up to defend his new friends the Cutie Mark Crusaders, after Diamond Tiara pulled an especially mean prank upon them. 
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why u mad Dissy? WHYYYY lol
Listening to Felidae seems to amplify his anger imo :lol:
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May I use this vector as for a part of my artwork?
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Thanks. :) I'll give credit to you. :)
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Discord disapproves of your shenanigans...
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Discord disapproves :D
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Well, I had EXACTLY the same face and pose just few minutes ago, when I came back to my house and saw that my dog teared trash bag to the pieces and decorated my whole flat with garbage.
Cool Discord is cool!
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Discord isnt amuse >.<
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Teacher Discord is Teaching.
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That is one angry Discord
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