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Original/Patreon Reward: Nyx + Twilight

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PATREON REWARS FOR FrozenDroplet - Thank you for your support :3
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Nyx is my favorite alicorn OCClapping Pony Icon - Nyx ClothedThe nyx will last forever!!! 
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As a fan of Nyx and Past Sins this is beyond perfection!:thumbsup:
She looks so adorable! You captured her look perfectly. A sense of innocence, wonder and curiosity.
In all honesty I kind of wish Nyx was actually canonized in the show(It's impossible but a dude can wish). She's just that wonderful.:aww:
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Finally, something nice to see. While I don't want to bash anyone, I was rather tired to see pencil drawings.
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This is really well drawn.
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This is real cute. <3
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Oh my sweetness!
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Nyx: When I grow up, I wanna be just like you, Twilight! I wanna save ponies with the magic of friendship, too!

Twilight: You're well on your way, Nyx. You're learning so fast... It may not be long at all before you do just that!Heart
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I wish you introduced her to your stories too.
also, this looks amazing too. 
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1st awww

2nd lovely

3rd :)
Cute and heartwarming art. I like it.
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Neigh Sayer for win you're amazing oh and you're amazing too Think Pink! :D
Nyx is best pony. Any Doubts?
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nope i agree with you
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