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Original/Patreon Reward: BATS!

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PATREON REWARD FOR :iconmegabolthq:


Bats oE by EStories
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I love their wings.
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bring back the bats!
when was the last time we saw them in the show anyway.
And no, Flutter 'vampire' bat dosent count.
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Am I being hypnotized right now? Cause these sister are so attractive to me....:retarded-drool: :retarded-drool: :retarded-drool: 
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Interesting coat colors. To my eye burgundy and violet seem to be very complimentary.

I know this is differing genders and different 'pony types'.... but I'm getting a "Fancy Pants and Fléur Dis Lee" vibe from the poses.
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Allow me to introduce "The Bat Sisters"~
The red one is "Blood Moon" and the purple one is "Starry Night"
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Aaw, so cute. :)
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They looked like a two-headed chimera at first glance.
MegaBoltHQ's avatar
They're sisters
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Yeah, taking a closer look after clicking on the picture made me realize that they were two and not one.
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They are so adorable and those wings are beautiful.
MegaBoltHQ's avatar
I know
The wings are one of the reasons I wanted them so badly~
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that is beautiful
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