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Why so shocked Alice?

It's your friend Discord!

HauntedAlexander's avatar

Panel 5, what a great job with that expression!

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TessandraFae's avatar

Poor Alice is having a heck of a Monday. Seeing Mobius and Discord on the same day, she's probably freaking out at that coincidence. What's next, a power consuming worm stopping by with dessert?

lightning116's avatar
I was honestly expecting something over the top.
In due time.
ncolque's avatar
Oh come on alice, aren't you happy that you're friends came to visit?
tigreanpony's avatar

That was funny, not quite the reunion that was expected but Alice's reaction was cute.

Delta52775's avatar

Well this is quite the reunion.

Stellabluegirl's avatar

Excellent idea to make Discord chewing the tea cup. So chaotic.

I can understand Alice isn't confident having her past crush in her house, having a tea party with her relative, as if everything is normal. So much happened between those two.

Imagine if Discord starts to tell how they met and everything they had been through together. Penumbra, the Leech, Equestria doom, etc... This is such a huge secret to hide from her family for sure.

DEADLY-Shin's avatar

Not the first reaction I expected from them seeing each other after so much time

LizardWithHat's avatar

Gosh... the little one is so cute X3

Alice reaction poses are great :rofl:

Heh, I love how "cool and casual" Discord is taking this with his cup munching, and Alice's expression as she closes the door is great!

RogerioGuimaraes's avatar

Language Alice, you are having visit.

also Discord eating the Tea Cups.

otgosu's avatar

Oh such a lenguage

Ironbuster's avatar

Did... did discord just eat the Cup?




Why i even wondering ...

I should wonder how long until the other guy needs to arrive

She said heck instead of Hay?

Duran301's avatar
Past crush has come to your house and is now talking with your mom, yeah I can see why she is very confused and instantly started to get a panic attack
AwesomeFoxgirl02's avatar
I really hope that she will be ok
BrightBulb13's avatar

uh just so you know you Fable is missing his white front hooves in this picture

dcaldwell101's avatar

Oh boy I had a feeling this friendship problem was going to be the most challenging.

smokeydops's avatar

its okay alice, undoubtedly everypony is okay giving you your little moments :)

great art

Phaedrolous's avatar

Its kinda sad how so many people dislike surprise drop-ins/visits these days.

Kartoffelkamm's avatar

Surprise visits are kind of rude, though.

I mean, the other person expects you to be home, without ever telling you that, and then get mad when you're not home.

Sure, it's nice if it just works, but imagine you have something to do, and 5 minutes before you want to leave, a friend shows up and just occupies a significant amount of your time, without ever asking beforehand if you had that time available in the first place.

Teen-Lyoko-Fan7777's avatar

One of my aunts dropped in for a surprise visit for Mother's Day on Friday, so I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. Her car was parked in the driveway, and she was sitting on the porch (I was getting back home by bus) when I saw her. :) I let her in happily. :)

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