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ES: Find Yourself 001 - Chapter 1 by EStories
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Your next link is broken

ES: nEvermore 036

What's up with the link to the next page? Is it busted? It's sending me to a completely different page.

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The link for the next part is wrong.

I think the link to next page you put a wrong link

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Dare I say it... wrong pnoi ;)

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Finally Alice and Discord meet again, I wonder what will happen next
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Oh Celestia... Alice's mother looks so beautiful on Panel 2~♡

Hope you don't mind, but I'm saving that panel in case I want to use it as a drawing reference in the future!

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Cliffhangers. You gotta hate him.

Two things will happen. Either Alice will embrace Discord, or ask him why he is invading her personal life. granted i see the embrace more than the other, but i like to think she is not gonna react right to this

I mean applejack was literally shipped with a white and purple version of twilight so I am not complaining if anything like this happens in here too. T-T

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And it's Discord and Fluttershy. I'm rather relieved it's them.

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Discord mess with map, map mess with Discord.
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Who could the red eyed filly with the white coat in the photos be? I am I forgetting a sibling or have we not met her? Hmm

EStories's avatar

It's her grandmother. I thiiiiiiiiiink we saw her on a picture in "Find Yourself" once.

lizz-elric's avatar
Ah ok! My next guess was a family relation but I thought maybe an aunt on her mothers side ^_^
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TFW your ex-crush is in your living-room, having a pleasant moment with your relatives.

I missed the peculiar alchemy between Discord and Alice. It's good to see them together again.

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Surprise, this is going to be interesting.

goldorakx69's avatar

Discord: Surprise Alice, Miss me?

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*applause and laughter from the studio audience*

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Exactly what I was thinking, albeit worded differently in my own comment here.

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but baby alice in the background there is so cute

i wonder if they have a baby penumbra picture too

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