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Good work on the comic , i especially like the simbol chosen for discord .

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XD Twilight's face in the third panel! What? You really think Discord would do something like mess with the Map? Surely not!

kacript's avatar

Twilight don't look to pleased to see Discord being called. Probably remembers the time he faked a map calling to the whole main six hoping he'd be put in charge of the School of Friendship during their absence, but Starlight was chosen instead.

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Well, that's an unusual way to represent Discord on the map. When Spike was called on the map his symbol was just an outline of his head.

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princebluemoon3's avatar

Well you HAVE taken advantage of the maps powers before. Twilight has every right to be suspicious.

twi has that face of "look what you did!!!"

Pony4Koma's avatar

Twilight is so traumatised she can't even make words hahahaxD

AJR001's avatar

Twilight's gonna need A LOT of hayburgers after this... XD XD

nicolas-7's avatar

The reaction of twilight is really cute. LOL

Nachtlichtje's avatar

I love Twilights face in the third panel. Such a MOOD.

lightning116's avatar

That's Discord's "cutie mark" on the map of harmony?

I'm honestly disappointed. I figured it'd be something more......chaotic.

Reinarabbit's avatar
I would have assumed the universal symbol for entropy.
JPHyperX's avatar

When the Spirit of Harmony calls its former arch enemy, then it must be some serious sh!t

I dont remember anypony saying they're enemies before besides dicord planting the seeds the tree does not seem to hold a grudge on him nor does he

JPHyperX's avatar

They are arch enemies naturally, because Discord represents the complete opposite to the tree. Even if he's reformed.

Opposites are attracted to each other

Cranberry-Tofu's avatar

Honestly, he didn't do anything this time! ...yet.

cogwheelbrain's avatar

Oh, that lower shot of twilight is hilarious.

Bassline88's avatar

For once he really is innocent :3

Stellabluegirl's avatar

So Discord "cutiemark" on the map is represented by this symbol.

I thought it would be a tornado/hurricane, like in the episode where he is pretending to be a pony, before he met Tirek.

Thats what he gave himself

Delta52775's avatar

Yikes what’s Twilight so concerned about?

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