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ES' Stable 33: ''Stable Shorts 009''


MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!

Inspired by Zacatron94 - Check him out! 

Fallout: Equestria by kkat -


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Wow ! A ghoul living among residents of a stable. That's new.

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Because ponies like him. Make the right ponies like you, and you can live anywhere.
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Well, they're all dead.. :/
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O H. I guess piper is keeping secrets then. Being thousands of years old she was too. But then again, her keeping secrets isnt much of a surprise. XD
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Oh, Jesus! HE'S in this???
Trixie-J-Lulamoon's avatar
Wait... your not Blank Novel...

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Aw come on :D Didn't expect that :D
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Why is there a ghoul in a stable?
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Ghouls don't look so bad in this minimalist style. 
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Pn 3: Some advice for the 'pallete-maned' earth pony; laugh not at other's misfortunes, because karma WILL reciprocate and you'll be the soggy one!
wait....doesn't ghouls need radiation to survive? Like irradiated water, or an irradiated area. How is he able to live in a Stable that is suppose to keep radiation out?

At that note, its good to know that Blank Novel would somehow survive the nuclear fallout.
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I seriously (and still) wonder why kkat added that fact/idea. It's nowhere to be seen in the games and TBH... It doesn't make a lot of sense.

There are countless ways to get some radiation to Blank Novel if necessary ;3
*shrugs* I guess its bit different since the radiation from fallout equestria is more magic radiation than Nuclear radiation here in the real world. Like ghouls in equestria have been "altered" by it to the point where the natural magic they once had is replaced with the magic radiation of that world. As such, it leads to think that they need the magic radiation to not only keep their magic stable, but their minds as well as their bodies. You know, the whole mind body and spirit thing. Without it, it makes me think that they will wither, decay, and go mad ( not usually on that order as i observed)

But hey, thats what I got when I read that fic.
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I'm surprised they're okay with a ghoul in the Stable, but I'm sure there's a reason.  :)
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Woohoo! Not only an inclusion in the story, but a speaking role as well!
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She looks good as a doctor, doesn't she? x3
SilverTonguedMadness's avatar
Yes, it's a bit of a career shift for her, but it's good to be included in any context.
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Blank's looking a little thin...

Perhaps even positively, ghoulish...
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He looks like he has been possessed 
waau a ghoul :-) it is possible for Dawn to meet somepony from "old" Fallout:Equestria e. g. Ditzy Doo with her "Absolutely everything"? :-)
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