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ES' Stable 33: ''Stable Shorts 006''


MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!

Inspired by Zacatron94 - Check him out! 

Fallout: Equestria by kkat -


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:iconzacatron94: :icongamestar-drix: :iconbharb: :iconcaptricosakara:
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Isn't it fun to be a rock star?
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The orange shadow looks like a ponyfied version of fry from Futurama :D
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Message from Kkat:

I'm loving this! :squee:
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YUS! YUS! YUS! YEAH :D I'm so happy!
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so when does something go wrong?
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Dream on, kid! Dream on. :)
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SD is so excited =)

Everything looks so Stable-ish. I totally like how your detailing works!
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... Trustworthy..... Somehow I picture daddy dearest isn't exactly living up to his name on the outside.
As a matter of fact, I don't think he's from the inside.
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She's like Rainbow Dash and Berry from the Bee Movie
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Stella-chan looks like a bounty hunter. Nicely done. =3
This seems like a nice, well-functional and... 'stable' stable! Contact with outside world, working machinery. It's well-stocked, has a content and satisfied population, ALL THE GOOD STUFF. So when does it go to hell? :)
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Commander Trustworthy? lol! I can see why the Overmare chose him ;)
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In the world myself and Derpy came from, we are heroes as this is really cool to s.......... aww crap.... I wasn't supposed to tell anyone about that. ><
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Spring is so cute x3
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You are such a fanpony Spring Dawn.
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Reaver noticed me today! Senpai noticed me!

Brohoof to Spring Dawn for keeping things professional. Wingboners - you can pass them off as nervous twitches and say "The gust of air from the [I'm still trying to sleuth how that main entrance vault door works, BTW] stable vault door caught me off guard! I saw your wings raise halfway.... "
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Wing boner lol XD.great so far
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Is it G-pa humor or it's really her father ?
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SO AWESOME!!!!!!!! ♥.♥ Why do I love this so much?! SO COOL!
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I love trustworthy's colours *3*
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hmm...hmm... Two questions:

1-Who is :iconbharb:'s OC? :3

2-It is me, or is Trustworthy's goatee the same than Marcus one? :3
  Pointy Ponies: Colonel Marcus Zarren [Update] by Steampunk-Brony  
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