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ES' Shorts 033: ''Quaint Friends #2''




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when something becomes vampiric, it will usually drink the juices of whatever it's diet would normally be, herbivore, omnivore, carnivore, unless of course the case that ensued was being bitten by that of  different dietary type of vampire, then having the possibility to change the bitten one's dietary consumption needs. Vampires don't eat their prey, some types of lycanthropes/werewolves do, but usually those just rip things to shreds. Person ones might be prone to blood as the system is omnivorous,but maybe more-so because the average person likes consuming meat too much. It might stay the same as the persons dietary choices, or it might not. Bunnicula, the vampire rabbit, only sucked the juices out of fruits and vegetables. Fluttershy's case could be explained as either or both, that she is an herbivorous creature, and/or that the bats in-particular were fruit-bats (vampire ones obviously), so she wouldn't have gone after blood at all (or at least it was highly doubtful or improbable).
(only some types of vampires turn into bats. silver can instead subdue a werewolf's transformation instead of choosing to heartlessly kill one. also, the werewolf form is an anthropomorphic form between a wolf and a person, not switching between regular wolf & a person as that would be just a morphing species or a curse like in the movie LadyHawk, but it can be on the other side too, from wolf to werewolf, kind of like Solumnbun the werecat in the land of Alagaesia,...or the wereman in Pirate101's Marleybone (humanoid-dog characters' England).)