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ES: Seeds of Darkness 154 - Epilogue

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Vectors taken from the show!

Inspired by TriteBristle - Check him out!


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What can I say? It's done. It's... Finally done x__x

Aaaaaaaaaaand what do you think about Silverlay's new (and own) design? ;3 It was originally drawn by TheSassyJessy (SKETCH).

In case you're not sure:
Holly is - of course - still alive x3 Aaaaaand... Yes. You'll get more Holly in the future :3

It all... "Seeds of Darkness"... Took so much time, but... I enjoyed every single moment of it :D Well... I guess that's that. I'll see you in... "A(pple)ffection!"


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ClaircendreHobbyist Traditional Artist

an other incredible storie ^v^

thanks you a lot

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I absolutely enjoyed reading this story
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My heart, again! I love this so much! I may not have been a brony for long, only about a year or so, but already I got to experience so much out of this Fandom! I am very grateful for all of this and I hope there will be so much more!

Also, I thought you couldn't make me love Silverlay any more, and then you make that new design of her! 😍👏👏👏

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4x this story made me cry 
Way to go School Rumble - Tenma Funny Happy Cry 
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Sorry, but I was on edge, wondering if Holly was really gone for good. Thank god she isn't.

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this is a really awesome no amazingly awsome story I've ever read.
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I can't believe it's finished.
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Art2345678910Hobbyist Writer
Holly’s back!!!!!!
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That made my day, week and month.
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Art2345678910Hobbyist Writer
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Art2345678910Hobbyist Writer
Panel 5 should say: 
Sence that’s the term they use in the show.
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RustyHelm93Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Really, THAT'S your take away from all of this?! Stare

(jk, I saw it too Wink/Razz ) 
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Queen-MananokeHobbyist General Artist
That glow though, makes me question if Holly ever really did die. Holly should be her own pony right?
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SarahdawolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh. I just found this story, and I read EVERY PAGE!! I love it so much!! 

This is was a very heartwarming story, and such a creative plot that I’ve never seen before. 

Thank you you for sharing this with us. 

I ship Silverjack now hehe
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i just found this story tonight and decided to read it...

silverlay is probably one of my favorite fan characters; she's super relatable and her story actually made me cry a heck of a lot. she's adorable and unique and i really wish i could hug her, ngl.

also, silverjack. i ship it! 

Twilight (Cute clap) Plz 
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teasquareddProfessional Digital Artist
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StellabluegirlProfessional Digital Artist
Oh my gosh, this story was awesome and very touching.
How an hollow entity become full and have a proper life, her own life.

Thank you for this beautiful story.
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is will be good see Celestia and holly past story of them! to see every challage holly a face befor to get her own cutie mark! oh is will good to see holly be finaly close to celestia and she be freind and see as sister too! see holly past time with luna! see holly who not hide her self to other! celestia is a character who a make many mistake in her live and learn from it, she dont want other make the same mistake she do!
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This would make a wonder two-part episode of the show!  such a great story!  If any fanfiction deserves to become canon, it would be "seeds of darkness"!  

Well done!

Clapping Pony Icon - Octavia 
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100% Agree, this is just too good to pass up!

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This was EPIC, simply amazing story :D

/) x (\
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