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ES: Seeds of Darkness 123


MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!
Vectors taken from the show!

Inspired by TriteBristle - Check him out!


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battlecruiser006's avatar

That last one cracked me up!

Crystal-smith's avatar
does that pony have a halo as a cutie mark?
Saiyanstrong's avatar
KillraptorRex's avatar
Number 123 
could I get the last frame on a canvas or something?!
GeneralRommel64's avatar
gajoivnfaf kWHAAAATTT!!!??!? HOLLY WWHATTTTT!?!?!
M4A3's avatar
Are you german?
camolotthe10's avatar
You are slacking on the job, Holly.
BrokenHooves's avatar
"Unfortunately, there neither was something about "Forbidden Spells"."

Waow, that grammar... Should be more along the lines of:

"Unfortunately, there was nothing about "Forbidden Spells."" or "Unfortunately, no one/nopony has found anything about "Forbidden Spells.""

Another, smaller grammatical issue from Holy. XD "Oh Sunny... I wish you would be here." Should be "Oh, Sunny... I wish you COULD be here."
marinus18's avatar
I wonder now who Holly's husband is.
Daviatum's avatar
jajaja Holy...
abnolo's avatar
Holy looks totaly relaxed XD
Dragon101k's avatar
It's the Spoock Pony! I hate Star Trek!

You could say... he Spooked me...
superlink1425's avatar
hahaha that last panal
How about "There wasn't anything about "Forbidden Spells" either."
ProxyplayerHD's avatar
Holly seems to enjoy herself there...
but seeing Holly as a female name is still a bit weird.
stitch62651's avatar
Holly would be even weirder as a male name, wouldn't it?
ProxyplayerHD's avatar
i'm watching a Letsplayer named Holly, he's Awesome.
but since he was the only Holly i knew, seeing it as a Female name is weird to me.
Pupster0071's avatar
My sister's name is Holly. Not once in my life have I heard of a guy Holly.
MinecraftXyo's avatar
There are a lots of girls at my school named Holly. >o>
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