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ES: Seeds of Darkness 114


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Vectors taken from the show!

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And for holly is ones is all over is become friend with Celestia or even Sister , she should be! What silverlay and Twilight learn is what her and Tia will learn!

Yay, friendship for everypony!

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Twilight Sparkle (no no) plz :send this to Princess Celestia right away
spike (i am the dragon) plz:Ok? 
Rarity encantada:hello darlings!
Twilight Sparkle (yes) plz :Hi Rarity
Rarity EqG (bubus) plz :Gotta Go Bye! 
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Frame 5: I agree on Celestia's decision about your punishment.
It should be: I agreed on Celestia's decision about your punishment.
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She did not know about Holly until now.
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Shocked Shocked i just realised that Holly is older than Luna,............ XD hahahahahah im so slow
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We're still waiting to find out what happened in the past. 
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and i have read all of this in one night. i need a life...
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Heh,nice story,like it(^v^)
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AWWWWWWWWWWW YESH Holly Purple Guy Smile Icon 
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Ooh oh ho, development here.
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IZ GUD!  ...  What?  It is!
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I've got a genuinely smiling Holly. 
Your argument is invalid.
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Luna definitely knows a thing or two about mistakes. Forgiveness, though, is less clear. Just look at her decision to never forgive herself, though she self-evidently knows that she regrets turning on her sister and her nation far too much to ever do it again. But of course it's often easier to forgive others than oneself; a good pony often judges others by their actions and herself by her thoughts. And you know that once you've thought of something once, you can always think of it again, whether or not you know better than to act on it. The good pony is left with the impossible challenge of proving to herself that she never even had the capacity to think of that which she previously did.

So, in summary, I do think Luna would judge Holly by her current actions, not those of a thousand years ago. She's often not as warm or gentle in her approach as her sister, but she's a caring pony all the same, and she knows how it feels to live in the shadows of your own poor choices.
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Pretty serious pony if you discount the comics. She's almost as random as Pinkie in those (at least when Andy Price is the artist).
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Luna in the comics is best Luna
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Indeed! The one where she enters all those competitions with Big Mac and has the ever changing t-shirt was hilarious (that entire story arc is a riot and is on par with another one I'll mention) and you can't mention comic Luna without talking about Micro Series No. 10. One of my first MLP comics (in the book series Pony Tales Vol. 2).
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steel and concrete fortifications, troops, cannons, armed airships, and battleships so I'm ok.
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dispelled not destroyed he is still out there and still very much a threat to Equestria. Not me and the army though at least I think so but we will defiantly be more than a mach for him.
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Here it is... we are going to have a Second series about the life of Holly
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