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ES: Seeds of Darkness 105

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SaiyanstrongHobbyist General Artist
They will use the elements of harmony to destroy him.  something that dark has no light with in it, and can only be destroyed.
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sweeneykitkatProfessional General Artist
I'm rereading the story, but one thing that still feels unresolved is how Luna was brought home after Holly had taken her as a young filly? Celestia was shown fighting Holly after the abduction bur nor Luna's return home. 
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camolotthe10Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my god.

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NetherNightFallStudent Digital Artist
So Obsidian is most likely a Star Dream of this universe?
Trying to devoured all lifeforms?
That's all I get in this Theory btw.
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sally121938Student General Artist
AK12346's avatar
Evil, dark power, manipulative plotter with golden eyes.
So, basically, he's Xehanort from Kingdom Hearts only a pony. I'll take it.
Mulgorath's avatar
MulgorathStudent Writer
D-Did he just try to attack the queen of night and dreams… within a dream?
speedox12's avatar
speedox12Hobbyist Digital Artist
Luna be like: "Bi**h please."
QueenWhiteFlare's avatar
QueenWhiteFlareHobbyist Artist
Whtireflare : I dont like to interrupt but theres something ive seen in there
Bleyk36's avatar
Hahaah! I like how luna was staying still in panel 8 like she was trying to say *that thing can not affect me motherf**ker.
MeowMichelleX3's avatar
MeowMichelleX3Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow. Luna knew all along, and Celestia knew that Luna knew. They deserve Oscars :D!!!
Luna ish da best poneh!!! She's not even giving a fuck about Obsidian trying to attack her, she's just lost in her own world with Celestia talking to her, protected by on force field. 
Imagine how badass Luna will turn when she fights back, she's not even taking any damage right now!
Tatsurou-san's avatar
Obsidian should take a note to realize something.
He's hitting Luna with all his power...and it's not even touching her when she's not even paying attention to him.  He should start getting a *little* scared of what happens when she starts fighting back.
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AspiePieStudent General Artist
Very damn cool!
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And we all thought that Luna didn't know, haha.
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Aw that was very sweet almost made my cry I love your comics Estories there brilliant.
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SapphireArtemisHobbyist Digital Artist
Opinion: Holly + Obsidian = Family   Onli jokin im done
soraxroxas1234's avatar
its already been established the umbra ponies are just spells from obsidian...
SapphireArtemis's avatar
SapphireArtemisHobbyist Digital Artist
But what if he created holly to beacome her wife?
DarthDingus's avatar
Oooo...Obsidian is SO ASKING for a FRIENDSHIP WOOPIN!
ZsoronZ's avatar
If we follow this logic, then you should try to ¨save¨ Obsidian too X).
wildhawk441's avatar
How can you save a pony who (Rainbow Dash said this while she was in the infirmary in this comic's timeline) 'doesn't want to rule Equestria; he wants to [bring about] it's doom'

Obsidian reminds me of how Batman - Alfred Icon 1 described The Joker: as someone who 'just wants to watch the world burn.'
ZsoronZ's avatar
Find why he hates Equestria so much.

Then either:

-prove him wrong.

-show him another way.

-He is right! Side with him!

-he won't change his way, KILL HIM WITH FIRE!
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