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ES: Seeds of Darkness 101 - Part 1 End


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Vectors taken from the show!

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Since it's the end of the chapter, I gotta say, I'm loving this so far! I've always been fascinated by the topic of "what is a soul" and "how can something gain a soul". I think this story does cover the topic pretty nicely. And boy, do I just love Silverlay. Her character is a very interesting concept! Maybe not all too original, but very interesting nonetheless. I love your stories, ES. Keep up the good work! ❤️

my heart.......boom awww
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Awww my heart can't take it X3
AWWW sisters love
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Oh yes she is
sally121938's avatar
Den Ahm A Hopeless Case Too!
Stuntpony's avatar
"You're really a hopeless case. Silly..."

"You really are an idiot"

Strange, isn't it? X)))
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the sis killed me :3
We have a fucking rollercoaster ahead of us, folks! I mean seriously, just that first chapter was brilliant!
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outlander gif GOD
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My friend I have a very urgent news about something, there is a person who said all animals should go extinct, look at this.
By wildlife20 
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Great first chapter! Long, hehe, but great. :)
She didn't promise as you demanded, you'll note. And I hope you accept that, since I don't think you could ever make her promise that.
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It's only chapter one?? All this time, and it was just chapter ONE!? How long is this comic going to be???
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i just read 67 to 101 xD
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101 pages for one chapter?
You gotten yourself into something here
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Yeah, but there are only 2 - 3 chapters xD
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And every part grows by 20%
You are really really good at making comics. You got the MLP vibe going really well and you don't bore your readers by changing the points of view from time to time. It's really clear that you know which perspectives to use at which moments. You either study something like this or you are simply just extremely talented at this!

Keep up the good work! It reads nicely, the story is really good (with no apparant big plot-holes, which I like) and original. Can't wait for the next chapter. A lot of my friends are reading this at well, you have more fans than you think!
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Excellent first chapter. I really, really love it. :aww:

Silverlay deserves to be with Twilight as a sister.
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Dayum! How long has this been? 1 and a half years since you started? But 8 months since I followed this story ^^
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She is a bundle of optimism.
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