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ES: Seeds of Darkness 096


MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!
Vectors taken from the show!

Inspired by TriteBristle - Check him out!


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"I Will Continue" (Silverlay's Theme) by MandoPony (Including FREE Download!)
I Will Continue - Silverlay's Theme [LINKS ONLINE] by EStories


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Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
Twilight's being Twilight again...
GallantServer's avatar
Twilights face in that last panel
wildhawk441's avatar
Saiyanstrong's avatar
The cat makes me giggle.
SunriseDusk's avatar
*laughing over last panel
Enderdragonslayer1's avatar
well, i didn't expect twilight to break the 4th wall xD
ChocolatNinja's avatar
OMG ok the start was mildly entertaining but Twi's face in the last panel just killed me XD
eleventhpolicebox's avatar
You obviously do not comprehend the level of insane I operate at. Speaking of which, would you like a jelly baby? :3
Zilverstroom's avatar
I love Twilight's face in the last panel
karkovice1's avatar
Even Silverlay hates it when she rambles. =P
HoIIyTheCat's avatar
I agree with Silverlay, Twilight can get anoying with her friendship thingies sometimes.
cherrydestinysakura's avatar
Yes! I mean I love Twilight but not every single problem can be solved with friendship!:)
Come on, Silverlay, you know how excited she can get about ideas. Go easy on her.
naan21's avatar
Oh scrunch :c
Congratulations, according to the IDW comics, Umbra ponies are canon.
Indioman200's avatar
Oh my God! Is that true? Incredible...

Just one question... What´s a "canon"?
No, really. I don´t know FnaF Icon - Vincent (Confused) 
It means it's supported by official sources. In a purely non-metaphorical sense, "canon" here would refer to the set of holy books that are accepted as being correct and official; obviously here we're not using it for actual religious works, but the meaning is otherwise the same.
Indioman200's avatar
Oh,  "Ya comprendo" thank you. 
Thanks for everything!  
Wertyla's avatar
Where did you hear that?
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