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ES: Seeds of Darkness 093


MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!
Vectors taken from the show!

Inspired by TriteBristle - Check him out!


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"I Will Continue" (Silverlay's Theme) by MandoPony (Including FREE Download!)
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Saiyanstrong's avatar
Of course Pinkie took flank shots.  Can't be a party without flank shots
TheJekyllBrony's avatar
And the shippers went wild!
HimegimiUsagi's avatar
wow! i saw TS butt and silvers butt
Mulgorath's avatar
It's weird how the close up photo of Silver has not freckles.
izzyo816's avatar
picture of Twily's flank on 1st panel omg 
Digital-Star21's avatar
I know right! On the previous page, there was a pic of Apple jack next to Twilight's but and smiling!
Ink-25's avatar
"This - again - is a unplanned scene (it will be about 2 - 3 pages) between Silverlay and Applejack :3"
Sollte heißen:
"This - again - is an unplanned scene [...]"
Tender1Kenobi's avatar
Applejack is honest, hence her element I guess that's what she forgave Silverlay.
Coletrain12's avatar
(Tucker from RvsB) Without hesitation, Bow chika bowow 
archangelgundam's avatar
Because that's what ponies do?  Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work.  Deus tecum.
vekarvonkostu's avatar
MagicSong123's avatar
Because she's the Element of Honesty, she usually knows when somepony's being sincere ;)
Haszelnut's avatar
I love this happy scene!
alwilliams0605's avatar
more more more i need more comics 
Enderdragonslayer1's avatar
That, is the first reasonable you said on this comic
alwilliams0605's avatar
yes but i need to read more of this comics it just kills me to wait to read more but i must wait
BenRG's avatar
Silverlay, seriously, AJ has made friends with monsters far worse than the one you consider yourself to be. She's learnt one thing - evil is something in the choices of the heart, not in the unchanging nature of a being. It is on the choices that you must be judged, not what you are.
kelthan-dragon's avatar
Damn it!

I caught up after reading all the pages in one sitting and now I'm hyped for more!
If you're good in Twi's book, that's good enough for AJ. Plus, you refrained from killing her.

By the way, what's flashing in panel 2?
m4ti140's avatar
SL's telekinetic field
I mean, that's what I suspected, but I was hoping there was a better answer hidden somewhere.
ShujiWakahisaa's avatar
If Silverlay drained magic from me I'd be ok with it as long as she is alright :3
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