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ES: Seeds of Darkness 084


MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!
Vectors taken from the show!

Inspired by TriteBristle - Check him out!


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Stellabluegirl's avatar
Damn, the feelings....
Saiyanstrong's avatar
*Gives her a hug*  You Won't.  Not on My watch.
Halowing's avatar
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Reason #1 being agnostic is awesome
Ari-kitten's avatar
Frame 6: I'm pretty sure Twilight will suddenly change re-think her situation.
It should be: I'm pretty sure Twilight will suddenly change and re-think her situation.
AleksanderAngel's avatar
When robots start thinking out of their programs and about their own existence..
BlaziingStar's avatar
I can't even read ahy of it and it makes me sad cause I wanna see what happens next XD 
artiermis's avatar
Can you post the Original Dialogue and link it in the Description? Lots of people really want it back and I'm curious as to what it says, since I forgot..  Sweat Drop revamp 
Sillylittledog's avatar
I never got to see the original, could you post it as a separate thing so I can read it? Plz?
Sillylittledog's avatar
The original script. People are saying you changed what it says, and I'm curious what it use to say before. So I was wondering if you could repost the original wall keeping this one up, two different versions.
EpicBronyL's avatar
Not wanting to die is the most natural thing in the world. That's okay. 
James-wonderbolt's avatar
if i'm right anything fears death is tectily alive 
Enderdragonslayer1's avatar
shhhh, your ruining the moment
DragonFUA11's avatar
then don't. as long as you believe your life is in someone else's hands you might as well be dead already
methaneridge's avatar
Those 358/2-esque things though. Why can't they bring her a source of energy already...
superpower-pnut's avatar
I think I liked the other dialogue better as well
superpower-pnut's avatar
Panel 6: You are, not you're
ArcticLeader's avatar
Thank goodness others agree with me about the original dialogue! I dont want to criticize anyone because of how good the comic is, but I really want the original back!
kt10268's avatar
I loved the first dialogue so much more. I think that it had a richer subtext. This one seems to just regurgitate stuff we already know. I think your next comic still works with the original. That said, I'm really enjoying this story. :)
SombraTwiLuver's avatar
I think on panel 9, what should be that. And on panel 6, you're has to be you are.
AnimatedForLife's avatar
This page was a favorite because it conveyed the terror in Silverlay's heart- begging Holly to tell her she doesn't have to had a real impact. Right now though, the dialogue doesn't flow, and I can't find that feeling again.

Not sure why you changed it, but perhaps you'll return to the original.
AlisiaLanet's avatar
The dialog felt a little I want to say clunky and didn't touch me as much as the first dialog but that just my opinion
ArcticLeader's avatar
I liked the previous dialogue alot better honestly. It was so brunt, like a kick in the chest. I think that less was more in this situation. With fewer words, she conveyed so much more emotion to the reader. And her last words, "Please...Please...Just tell me that I dont have to die.." I sat here staring at those last few panels and it overwhelmed me completely. Something about "I just dont want to die" doesn't strike me as hard. To me, I guess, it's because the original line, her asking that of Holly, shows just how terrified she truly is. Basically, the original had a much more emotional impact.
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