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ES: Seeds of Darkness 083


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Vectors taken from the show!

Inspired by TriteBristle - Check him out!


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ANd that makes sense.  she is up set about enjoying what she was created to do.
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Hey! freckles don't make you ugly!
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Pinkie just wants to see you smile

and besides

67 - Playing the Melody FLUTE a true true friend helps a friend in need to see the light, that shins from a true true friend67 - Playing the Melody FLUTE 
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It's natural to enjoy doing something if you need it to survive. You can't help what you are. 
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Keep creating, it's amazing story! That would be very COOL if in the end of story silverlay would become a real pony with her own memories! :3 Rarity Icon Phan 2 Deal-with-foxy.GIF Mario Intensifies EqG Rainbow Dash (Them big eyes yo) Plz 
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No Holly! Stay away of her and let her in peace! Don't try to take her back to the vices (?) >:C
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Usually this is a turn point. Or rather a turn off point. This time it leads nowhere. It was a good show. Yeah, was...
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wait is that Holly?
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I thought Holly was Obsidian xD
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Next time you want to complain about how bad your cereal is, just remember:
Silverlay had to eat part of her friend's soul.
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Sudden realization...
That white voice...
Is Pinkie Pie.

(XD That would be the best!!)
Eating is a biological imperative. It certainly ought to feel good. That's outside of your control, and not worth worrying about.

Worry about what you choose to do, not what you don't choose to feel.
my-little-brony-writ's avatar
her magic taste like,
like apples
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I think this is my favorite page >w< Loving how Silverlay just opens up to Holly, but it's different when it's Twilight, or the others.
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wait, ......
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Great part, I hope Silverlay doesn't turn evil again.
PsychoYellowDragon's avatar little sadistic umbra pony ^^
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This reminds me of anime (ノಠ_ಠ)ノ I DONT KNOW WHY
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Ahh... So that's Holly...
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Suddenly... I sense the Silverjack ship has been hit from this conversation..
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