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ES: Seeds of Darkness 062

By EStories

MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!
Vectors taken from the show!

Inspired by TriteBristle - Check him out!


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Brr that would be ... scary
"he ordered to imprison us both"
should be
"he ordered us both imprisoned"
ELLA755's avatar
I agree with Ari-Kitten.
Ari-kitten's avatar
makes no sence.
SummerFlightCamp's avatar
When Princess Celestia says, "...if she brings me here." In the 4th panel she's speaking in the wrong tense. It should be, "...if she brought me there."
FrencineMPercy's avatar
Why did he imprison both of them, though? xD
VengeanceOfFlames's avatar
Why is this comic so damm good!?!
Sometime, things are hided for good reasons.
Kyoshi001's avatar
this is why umbra ponies were kept a secret. interesting....
See, this is why you should never work for a chaotic evil master, even if he created you. You're just setting yourself up for betrayal as soon as you cease to be useful, if not sooner.
Tender1Kenobi's avatar
This is getting good.
Vera interesting story!!
tigreanpony's avatar
Oh this is getting good
JezzaRat's avatar
oh dear.... O.o great comic :D
alexwarlorn's avatar
How do the Umbra ponies have such separate egos (the one who aren't empty vessels) when they were BORN with the memories of the original pony? How come they aren't born THINKING they're the original pony? 
EStories's avatar
It's the influence of their master that makes them clear that they aren't the original.
Rainbow123451101's avatar
Where are her wings? both of them
....... how could she lose?
melodymalone123's avatar
Holly drained a lot of her magic when she was 'created' so Celestia was weaker. Also, Umbra Magic looks like strong stuff, after all, ES was nearly vaporised by Silverlay in one of his short comics.
SomeRandomMinion's avatar
Um, she was overpowered and/or couldn't get a good hit in on Holly in their fight....
thign was a copy, she was the original.
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