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ES: Seeds of Darkness 061

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Vectors taken from the show!

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rnko26Hobbyist General Artist
well i did say i wanted to see celestia give her a black eye...
Saiyanstrong's avatar
SaiyanstrongHobbyist General Artist
AlexiSonicKST's avatar
AlexiSonicKSTHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh this last panel was so bucking EPIC. 8D
shvdy's avatar
shvdyHobbyist General Artist
Hey! My name is Holly! Does that mean im in this story? Hee :meow:
EStories's avatar
EStoriesHobbyist Digital Artist
Uh... Kinda? xD
shvdy's avatar
shvdyHobbyist General Artist
Yay :D
Immabuttercup's avatar
ImmabuttercupHobbyist Artist
i wonder why luna isn't there- is it because celestia was protective of her?
EpicBronyL's avatar
Well, Celestia met Holly under very different circumstances that Twilight met Silverlay. Celestia needed to protect herself. 
VengeanceOfFlames's avatar
VengeanceOfFlamesHobbyist Digital Artist
Fillyfight! 3..2..1..GO!
time1102810's avatar
now I get why they don't have wings it's because the're folded
SugarCookie310's avatar
SugarCookie310Hobbyist General Artist
Dat punch.
ABrightSide's avatar
ABrightSideHobbyist Writer
I'm not sure if resisting telekinesis makes sense. Good comic, by the way.
darkguys's avatar
Im surprise, usually draining life energy mean losing physical and magical ability. And yet, she hit her with her hoof. Hmm, quite a fast recovery.
fotland42's avatar
Less than diplomatic, but understandable under the circumstances. It probably wouldn't have made a difference in her choice, anyway.
demiprimordialgal's avatar
demiprimordialgalHobbyist Digital Artist
karkovice1's avatar
So Holly is the Umbra version of Celestia?
dynamotinit's avatar
dynamotinitHobbyist General Artist
4th panel *save*
XxdarkChaosMLG2xX's avatar
XxdarkChaosMLG2xXStudent Filmographer
Round. 2....... Lol Lol 
BenRG's avatar
Strength of an Earth Pony too! What good is that? Watch the shot of Maud pounding that bolder into gravel and you'll see what I mean.
MrUnimpressive's avatar
have you ever been punched so hard that the force of impact disregarded the laws of gravity and you where thrown in the wrong direction?  but in all seriousness, Sucker punch. For the win.
LightningChaser2000's avatar
LightningChaser2000Hobbyist General Artist
When it says "Whatever happened didn't just saved me..." it should say "Whatever happened didn't just SAVE me..."

Just saying! ^u^
TimMcJimFromPL's avatar
If Tia hits her like this, Holy's head will turn to her left.
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