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ES: Seeds of Darkness 058

By EStories

MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!
Vectors taken from the show!

Inspired by TriteBristle - Check him out!


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"I Will Continue" (Silverlay's Theme) by MandoPony (Including FREE Download!)
I Will Continue - Silverlay's Theme [LINKS ONLINE] by EStories


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tea-pancake's avatar
ColgateWorld's avatar
Last pannel there is a mistake fiends, there is supposed to be "friends"
driedupsquid's avatar
Fiend, Noun, an evil spirit or demon
Saiyanstrong's avatar
She means they never tried to become friends.
Marcohero123's avatar
Guide them in "the" wrong direction
camolotthe10's avatar
Never mind, I was wrong.

Thought for sure she was Umbra Best Pony Woona...
SunriseDusk's avatar
"Fiends" not "Friends."
rnko26's avatar
"you gave me a black eye"
I wanna see that
Quicksilver1987's avatar
Its an interesting story. But the fact that the vectors come from the show makes me kind of sad.
Shanabiv's avatar
Not to Be a Problem But the Last Panel, It is supposed to be 'Friends' not 'fiends'.
Dawnfur8888's avatar
In-the-Shadow-of-all's avatar
You keep me a secret from Luna

*You kept me a secret from Luna
CatsMusicGamingArt's avatar
Frame 14: "It's my fault we never considered ourselves...  Something else but...  Fiends."
Should be: "It's my fault we never considered ourselves...  Something else but...  Enemies."
KittyJumper's avatar
or friends if they just forgot the r, i know it is a word but I really thought that it was friends.
Roselinea's avatar
yeah that's what I was thinking.
SonicTAlicorn's avatar
Hm....fiends.....OMG. Wow. I wonder how bad it was inbetween them. :-/
MacyEdward's avatar
Where is PINKIE PIE?!
rainbowdash10124's avatar
Willow-Hazel-Mash-Up's avatar
CriminallyNerdy's avatar
Actually, I"m sure the writer meant to use the word fiends instead of friends.
SilviaStarlight5's avatar
Excuse me, but, there seems to be a spelling error on the last frame.
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