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ES: Seeds of Darkness 000 - Prologue


MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!
Vectors taken from the show!

Inspired by TriteBristle - Check him out!


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"I Will Continue" (Silverlay's Theme) by MandoPony (Including FREE Download!)
I Will Continue - Silverlay's Theme [LINKS ONLINE] by EStories


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I am re-reading this again, amazing comic!

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Thank you so much for those kind words TwT

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Wow I didnt expect you to reply so fast :dummy:. Yw, you deserve it! :la:

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I came to this comic from A(pple)fection, and had never read this comic before. I'd have to say this comic is amazing. Seeing your improvement is amazing. And though I wasn't there to read them when they were first made and am not a long time fan, that doesn't make me any less of a fan. I can see your improvement with every page. This is by far one of the best fanfics / comics I've ever read, along with your other ones. The story is so heartfelt and is truly amazing.
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*pumped to re-read this*
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Ah ... okay, it's a story, I thought all the comic was on a one page ^^ 
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One of the highest quality comics I've ever read, I don't know if it was complete yet though; I guess that just means I'll need to read it a second time.

Seeds of Darkness is another great piece of fiction to add to the list of fantastic fan-made material for a show about friendship and ponies.

Silverlay's personality makes her much different than a simple character color swap, its unique to her... I like her.
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One of, if not the best MLP comic ever! Everyone should prepare 3-4 hours and read it!

And love Silverlay!
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I've spent the last few hours reading this and I am in love with it :)
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Looks great plus can i use this story maybe?
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Did I just spoil myself page 147?
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2 and a half years now, and only 12 more pages. This was a journey. For us, the readers. For you, the Writer. And for Silverlay, well.... we don't quite know yet
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As someone who's already read up to the latest page:
...Oh dear.
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Hey, it's sketchy. I plan on doing a reading on ur comic series. Hope you don't mind!! (I may not get very far, but it's still worth a shot!!!)

i will give you full credit!
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Before I began this, I got a Kingdom Hearts vibe from this, and it goes with a character dying, and actually being forgotten, although they are somehow known to have existed. I wonder how far I'll go into this.
Can I make a story out of this and link it and dedicate it to you on Wattpad?
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I love this story Love Heart Purple Heart of Love Mini 
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That page makes much more sense now.
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