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ES' S7: FOLLOW UP - ''Parential Glideance''

MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!

Inspired by Zacatron94 - Check him out!


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And then the entire town panicked and after the fact, decided to Ban Rainbow Dash's Parents from setting hoof in both Ponyville and Twilight's Castle.

Or at least that's how I'd imagine the aftermath anyways.
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Well, at least they're excepting.

Though they a talk about boundaries...
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Wait... Didn't you modified it?
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This comic is f**king perfect XD
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*throws marshmallows in the window during the chaos*
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If you grab their cameras now, you can still keep this less embarrassing than the picture of the "best potty-training ever" that they show to anypony who will listen.
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:icondashfacehoofplz: :iconsays3plz: Is it too late to disown them?

:icontwilightangryplz: :iconsays3plz: I'll get the paperwork ready...

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Ah, precious TwiDash shipping all around.
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Twilight and Rainbow Dash shipping. Dash's parents caught them into a private moment. Fillyfoolers= lesbians in MLP universe.
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I don't quite get why, though. In terms of humans we have the terms boyfriend and girlfriend, but boy and girl can still refer to an adult. On the other hand a filly is specifically a female child horse. 

Well, it's not like it's not canon in the show. When Shining Armor got married to Cadance they were pronounced "Mare and colt," even though a colt is the same thing as a filly, just the opposite gender.
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I always imagined it was a remnant of the time when, similarily to real life, no one really knew that pedophile and homosexual were completely different. Watch a 50s propaganda video about gays, I'll guarantee you they get the difference wrong. Filly - kid, fooler - trickster. Someone who tricks kids into... Yeah, I'm not writing the rest of that sentence
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They used "Ladies and gentlecolts" a couple of times too. I don't why they don't use stallion since they use that term for "The Perfect Stallion". Remember they use the term flank for what should be called the thigh. And some use flank for designing their butt.
You really grabbed the princess with gusto!  No one brings a mare faster to climax than our Rainbow!  Build her up and TEAR HER DOWN!
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Then build her back up again, and tear her back down again!
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Holeh shet ! that escalated quickly
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At least they support her choices, right?
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