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ES' S7: FOLLOW UP - ''Celestial Advice''

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That... didn't age well :D
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Well, that makes sense. I'm sure Twi would have the same worries if she hadn't already stopped Starlight from taking over Equestria.
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GeneralRommel64Professional Artist
me: Celestia can have cakeyou idiot You idiot 
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So... The worst outcome was Twilight becoming a princess and then turning evil? Well, we're half way there... :D :D :D

Edit: Or was the fear that she will lose her position in Equestria to (evil) Twilight?
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Hey we all have our worst fears, right Celestia?
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She was so relieved to know that she did not have to use her emergency plan.

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R-DollHobbyist Traditional Artist
some things... should never be considered 
but that thought is still comedy darkness XD
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jyroman53Hobbyist Digital Artist
Welp, shouldn't have asked dat question !
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ShinjitsuForeverStudent Digital Artist
0_0. . .

. . .wow. . .

. . .she thought Twilight might go nuts like Luna. . .
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samuraivalerieHobbyist General Artist
... The scary thing is I can see this happening in an alternate universe.
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I think Moon Dancer was Twilight's worst outcome. Or Sunset Shimmer. Celestia doesn't have a very good track record, does she?
The-PurplePony's avatar
Apparently not! 
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That's reassuring Celestia... ^^;
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Thank the merciful nature that this is your comic-verse, ThinkPink.

Princess Twilight
a) would never succumb to Sombra's dark side power. In Crystal Empire; Celestia didn't and she was merely describing how two emotions of the heart determine the outlook for the empire. Twilight's heart is like Harry's - pure Gryffindor good.
b) has WAY TOO MUCH respect towards Princess Celestia; so a love interest won't happen.

I think Celesta summed up her 'what-if' scenarios and underlying fears in the Ep fairly well.
Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle Hmmm : ThinkPink, stop shipping me with ponies, okay?
The-PurplePony's avatar
REALLY!!! You could never see her turning evil!!?? She is pure Gryffindor is she?!
wildhawk441's avatar
Absolutely not! The first six seasons are studded with examples of her (along with the main five's) good heart.
The-PurplePony's avatar
So your saying that nothing and no pony in all of Equestria and beyond can make ANY of the mane six go evil completely and we will never see a reverse Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, PinkiePie, Rainbow Dash OR Twilight EVER!!!
wildhawk441's avatar
I'm always the optimist. Which is why I'm going through sea 7 extremely nervous because of what that leech-like 'why do we call her a' Queen Chrysalis threatened. (She's done stuff in the show and comics that are SO not queen-like!)

Also, you bring up 'reverse Fluttershy'. I'm still wary of Discord and what he did to Flutters at the start of 'Dungeons and Discords'!
The-PurplePony's avatar
Too True!! Chrysalis was more of a dictator than a queen and yeah Discords reformed but far from perfect!! The only reason I want their to be a reverse of the mane six is because I think it would be an interesting concept to mess around with (if they were willing to take the risk which they probably aren't!) but I agree with you!
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Raven: Now you keep saying that on a daily basis, and we're golden.
The-PurplePony's avatar
SERIOUSLY TIA… I WANT TO BE DOING THAT!!!!!!! EQUESTRIA WILL FALL AND I WILL TURN IT INTO THE DESOLATE WASTELAND WE SAW AS THE FINAL POSSIBLE FUTURE ON THE SEASON 5 FINALE!!!! YOU'LL SEE! YOU'LL ALL SEE!!!!!!!!!! no but in all honesty I love this comic moments when a person dives deep in their Psyche it funny and intriguing and it reminds me of this… it's good to know EStories is still delivering amusing comics I LOVE IT!!!!!
Oh and I will destroy all of you!
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Just give Twiley a noogie... what a nerd... >8)
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KitaronicusHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hah!! XD
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FoxyRainbowHobbyist General Artist
I mean... I see it.
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