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Oh Alice...we know you wouldn't stand between Fluttershy and Discord. Though I don't think they'll be getting at allXD.

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oh, wow, i just noticed: look at the way Discord is sitting on the panel border in panels 4 and 6!
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ComehaHobbyist General Artist
Discoshy strikes again! Oh the drama!!
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Nah, so far as I can tell in this comic there's really no Fluttercord potential (unlike in canon).
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Dinofanx Writer
True. I don't understand how is she seeing it
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i think this is the page where estories asking us which one do we want discord with, im 90% its not true but if it is true i would like alice to be with him :3
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Well if that's the case then its gonna have to be Alice because other wise I've wasted five years of my funky life fallowing this!
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this is why he needs to choose his pony in cannon before the whole series ends on a cliff hanger
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Next he's gonna say that he's "just friends" with Fluttershy. :P
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I know you don't respond to comments but whats the general mood this comic is going to end with? Because at the moment I'm a bit worried its going to fizzle and just end with SEE YE AROUND! If you don't want to anwser in the comments then shoot me a note. No need for spoilers I'm just curious on where this is going.
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EStoriesHobbyist Digital Artist
We'll see x3
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Well we already know how it ends yo

Original: Alice's Dream by EStories
But seriously does it has a satisfying befitting of such a beautifully funky and heart warming story?
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Angel-astraStudent Traditional Artist
Discord is gay
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Or maybe he's just not interested in a relationship. That is an option. not everyone wants a relationship.
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he is still learning friendship, why push relationship

in other words, i agree with you
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ManekiNeko11Professional General Artist
Amen to this ^
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SaiyanstrongHobbyist General Artist
hes gonna laugh about him and fluttershy
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ah now it dawns on him. she not running because she loves him but because she doesn't want to get between two of her friends who she believe are in love with each other. 
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kimonoindeaHobbyist Traditional Artist
oh darn it i caught up o3o
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WhovianAndWarriorsHobbyist Artist
why do I feel like he's really going to not just hit her with a "I'm friends with her" but also a "how the heck did you not pick up on that I'm gay"
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AshleydoesartsStudent Digital Artist
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SynoviTalaStudent General Artist
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DracoBlairHobbyist Digital Artist
oh snap! She said it!
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