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that face Discord makes in the second panel looks familiar...
oh, it's similar to one he made in "there and back again" when he found out he can't use magic near the changeling hive.
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Panel 1's Alice is the cutest thing EVER! <3
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I honestly hope that ES finishes this comic before season 2 of generation five comes out.
i would be so miffed if this turned out like the CMC.  "I don't care about my cutie mark . . . oh my gosh i got it!"
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That often happens with cutie marks. You fuss and fret trying to figure out what you're supposed to be, then when you relax and accept yourself, you get your cutie mark.
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If we don't get some of those Alice vectors in this, I will personally go to Germany, hunt you down and.... annoy you until you do! :D
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That last panel sounds like the exact sort of thing a pony says right before she gets her cutie mark. Gah, the tension is killing me!
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The convenient cropping and speech bubble placement, Discord's reaction. She just got it didn't she? 
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Aw.  Now she'll get it for sure.  Normally, when we want something, we don't get it until we don't care if we get it.
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Alice is just Alice...

Oh boy, this awesome comic is going to end.
Well, good stories have to end someday.

I am just hoping for the kiss between Alice and Discord.
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Is this the end of the comic now?
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I hope it doesn't go on for too much longer, but I don't want it to have a short-sighted ending that doesn't really explain what happens to the characters either. I hope Alice gets her cutie mark at some point, too.
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What do you think it would be?
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I'm not sure tbh
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Hmm.... she's big-picture option-weighing.... this is a lot like Scoots, AB and Sweetie's aside in the schoolyard....two seconds before they started shimmering.

Finding yourself' has a LOT of meanings. I agree with Alice's view - she had her 'self' pseudo-repressed and she's come to an understanding with Penumbra.
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Good lord that pegasus mare is adorable! :heart:
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