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Isn't everypony basically a cat? We have have seen this so many times, especially from twilight.

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that cat bit was funny
oh my gosh cat Alice is so cute I wish she stayed as a kitty forever she's adorable as a cat

I wish that you would make an mlp fim comic where the main 6 get turned into cute kitty cat versions of themselves
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Alice cat is adorable.
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Man, I remember seeing works from you like a year ago or so. Great to find your stuff again, always good fun.
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*must fight desire to pet the cute kitty Alice....*

*Pets the kitty* 
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Is Alice becoming a cat a reference to Alice in wonderland?
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OH for F*Yay*ks sake Alice, just tell him you love him.

But, is it just me or didn't Discord forget some pony at Alice house Ponymote: - Not Amused - Pitch  ......neh, probably not
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I keep expecting her to suddenly pop out of nowhere and try to kill him.
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Discord: hi I don't think we've met. I'm discord. The spirit of chaos and spirit of disharmony
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Oh come Alice, just say you have a crush on him and get over with.
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Now kiss!

(If he stopped acting like a child, he wouldn't be Discord, now would he.)
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Artist needs to meet Alice

Both are full grown blank flanks.
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Aw, look at how cute she is! I want to pet her!
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lol Alice as a cat so adorable
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He turned her into a cat, that's how you know he loves her. 
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