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And our ship has sunk

Dinofanx's avatar
She heard this, didn't she...
sexybeast79's avatar
If ya want Discord, you could go with her. ;)
Mittz-The-Trash-Lord's avatar
Seems we got a bit of a case of Dere Love. XD
TheAngelux22's avatar
Sure you Discord... Sure you...
You're not fooling anypony, Discord.
eliander's avatar
me thinks the dracquis doth protest a tad too much. 
karkovice1's avatar
Panel 1: Discord must be part possum. =P
Jokura91's avatar
Remember; he can be anything. He is the God of chaos after all! :D (Big Grin) 
eliander's avatar
anything but normal.
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, sure we believe you Discord. Very nicely done there.
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Ugg they’re hopeless 
Erix19's avatar
Discord, you're a horrible liar.
Shredder1004's avatar
Oh come on Discord. Just admit it, youuuurrr in looooove. 😉😉 wink wink. 😍.
lightning116's avatar
Tsundere Discord.  Well all right.  :laughing:
templar127's avatar
"It's not like I like her or anything, B-BAKA!"
Keriwi1's avatar
Problem is, one here is tsundere and other dandere. In fact, he have two danderes in his harem.
templar127's avatar
Double-Dere! XD
cadancefayle's avatar
Dis, staph hiding that you care if she leaves. STAAAPHH
KitganRice's avatar
umm, some grammar corrections are needed.
It should say on the fourth frame " Yeah great. Whatever... I hope she's happy. Change the subject, please." and the fifth frame should say " After all that's happened I'm sure she could use some rests."
Alltho I could just be reading it wrong.
wildhawk441's avatar
Gee, Discord is acting the same way that Diamond Tiara did when she was invited to the clubhouse in Gen 4's 5 year anniversary episode!

So, we the audience (along with Applebloom) say [to Discord's claim of 'the not needing'] AppleBloom Emoticon : You sure about that?
Snowdrop05's avatar
Just imagine if Alice was there and hear it all
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