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10/10 love the shading of them under the tree with the sunlight; 10/10 
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The part that makes no sense is a discord can travel through time so it should be a simple matter to simply go back a few hours witness what went on for himself..
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What fun is there in making sense?
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Chaos needs order to strive against in order needs chaos order to grow. When the 2 of them work together that is balance and balance is harmony and I kind of lost my train of thought I'm sure you'll figure out.
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Yaaaay!!! It's CometLove Love Love !!!

Also, is Discord thinking about confessing his feelings for Alice:D (Big Grin) ?
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:icondiscordannoyedplz: *sighs* Oh, I'm thinking about how I let my one chance at true love slip between my fingers...

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(SHOOT! Let's try this again)

:icondiscordannoyedplz: *sighs* Oh, I'm thinking about how I let my one chance at true love slip between my fingers...

:iconfluttershyplz: :iconsays3plz: But I thought you and Celestia called it quits a long time ago...

:icondiscordannoyedplz: :iconsays3plz: Okay, my SECOND chance at true love...

(There we go! :)  )
But wait, if fluttershy is write there will she be capable of confessing to him in the garden with her or anyone else (but her bird) for that matter?
He's thinking about why Alice is dumping him so unceremoniously, of course.
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It'd make more sense if he was sitting in his thinking tree. xD
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I still think she will need a hard talking to before she can finally open up to Discord.
Oh I'll give her more than just a hard talking... 😈
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That's good. She needs it as she has shown. When things are tough or others are tough she can really rise to the occasion but when things are gentle and others are soft she starts becoming very insecure. It's clear she is one that needs drive and direction in her life.
Couldn't have said it better myself 😁
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Some people need tough love.
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"what my life would be like if i stayed true to myself and destroyed the world
instead if being friends with you!!!" 
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Ok, Alice's poses in this are so cute!

And, at first (before I remembered this comic's rule of character-colored text) I thought Alice was already calling up to Discord.

Fluttershy's line reminds me of what the female background singer sang in Rob Zombie's ''Living Dead Girl".

[And, my hope for what's on Discord's mind? [I'm staying away from the wacky shipping ideas =~= ] How he can spend time in the future with his two best friends.]
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oh how...... sweet RoseGold jaja 
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Oh this is going to be good, I can't wait for the next page.
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I love Fluttershy I really do but Discord and Alice have the best chemistry I've ever seen in anything mlp related
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First panel: Wings, how do they work? =P
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Discord Icon 3 "I'm thinking; is this story going to have more endings than the Lord of the Rings?"

MLP Fluttershy (Um...) Plz "...What's Lord of the Rings..?"
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Discord: Basically a cursed ring that can corrupt you and turn you into gollum.
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