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Love this comic so far. Definitely watching out for updates on this one ;)
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i have a question. do you have a specific time you upload new pages or is it all random?
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Just look at the upload dates of the previous pages, and find the average.  It seems like the average is about every 12 days (given the time between the last four uploads)
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how do u find the upload dates?
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i think Patreon members got access to the next comics so... if y don't like cliffhangers, just join his Patreon...
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I can't wait to see what happens next!
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I'm sure Twilight's thinking "whatever you do, don't poop in my mane!" in that first panel. =P
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He's flying, He's flying, he's really, really flying. 
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go to him he's waiting for you. 
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As ever, your skill with building up a story, emotion, romance, humor, and epic tension and action is a wonder to behold, not to mention a grasp of the ideals the show purports that it's hard to remember your comics aren't canon. Except scratch that, because as far as I'm concerned this and Seeds of Darkness are both just as canon as the show itself. Truly, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much and I've stayed up way too late reading this Bravo, ES, Bravo. Keep doing what you're doing.
So how about it? Do you want to tell her what you learned? Or do you want to tell her you learned nothing?
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Comet is so adorable!
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Is Philomena a she or a he?
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I think its 'she'. Philomena tends to be a female name, as far as i understand. 
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Then I guess she treats Comet as if it were her own. Cause you know? Biology.
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Oh, wow. These scenes are adorable! Comet and Alice loos so Squee Fluttershy-ingly cute! 
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Very nice I do hope Alice decides to chat with Twilight.
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You want to squeeze out a friendship lesson from everyone Twi , calm down.
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DAAAAAAWWW!!! I want a pet phoenix!
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As long as you can deal with the "Dying in flames"-thing, suit yourself ^^

Paradoxe : Or go for any other kind of magical creature that won't burn your house when one of his ashes land on the inflammable furniture -____-
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