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Alice, a true friend will help you shoulder a burden even if it concerns them. Even if, even though, it hurts them. I'm not saying you should tell him simply for the sake of honestyI've been on both sides of such burdens, and it can hurt quite a bit—but you clearly can't carry this secret alone. I've been on both sides of such burdens, and it's better to share them than to be crushed by them.

Besides, you might be pleasantly surprised.
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I have just devoured this comic, it's so awesome! I can hardly wait for the next page!
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Twilight just retweeted that for Alice.
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I just binged the entire thing the second i found it and i left with this!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!! I need more!!!!
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Just come clean and tell him the truth. He's not going to hurt you because of it though there might be some good-natured ribbing.
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Well... there's always Pee Wee(or whatever his name is :P ).
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His name is Comet.
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And there's twiliy!Oblivious and blissfuly unaware of any drama around her!
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I can't wait for more! This is awesome!
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Oh, you striked me with her words.
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Aw comet miss Alice so cute. but oh my gosh come on girl tell him how you feel! maybe your just over thinking it Alice! I agree it would be nice to see her get a cutie mark at long last. 
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Oh my god, how did I forget the bird
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C'mon! Alice won't leave until she says it to him! X3
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I hope she admits to Discord how she feels eventually, maybe in another comic if not this one?
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Now I just feel weird I've just been wanting to see her get a real cutie mark for 246 pages. All proposed ships are cute and all but I'd like her to be happy with herself first. She's done so much, she deserves it.
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I didn't even notice the bird sitting on her head wtf lol
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