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You spelled "remember" as "remeber".
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Remember is spelled 'remeber' in the secong panel
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One suggestion. Fluttershy's text is so light I can barely see it. Maybe a darker pink? One that stands out better against the white speech bubble.
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Alice is not very good at hide-and-seek :/
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No.  No she is not.
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There's a typo in the second panel. 
so alice was just a dream.
Alice, you're going to need to keep better track of your tail if you want to get your cutie mark in hiding.
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Oh my gosh! Discord remembers her! Everyone remembers her! Whew! I was worried she some hidden magic fiasco made everyone forget Alice.
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you miss typing "remember" in discord's bubble
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Is Alice… CRYING!!!!!!!! 
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I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!
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Come on Discord, let Alice join your harem of shy waifus.
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If she’s crying I swear
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Alice can’t be sad again! Poor girl has been through too much 
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*Looks at 5th panel*
D'aaawww...  I can already feel my heart stopping from all that cuteness!
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*staring daggers at the comment stack below mine*

>A public service announcement from Wildhawk: ColdSnap777, TheNeoStrike and by unwarranted association - BDP - are haters and shot-in-the-dark specualtive blind mice. We at Wildhawk do strongly hope you don't go leaping to the cold conclusions they did and have our shared hope that Estories will give Alice and Discord a meet-up in the palace gardens for a casual friendly re-capping. This has been a PSA from Wild hawk.<

If this is Neigh Sayer's idea (or if it's shared); then you know how to make Fluttershy so very humble, cute, and squee-ingly pretty in panel 5! YAY!
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I want to be clear that the comment that you are speaking of is in no way made from hate, but is rather a innocent joke with the context that when the phrase "Oh no...he's/she's dead" is said it is to state that 99.99% of the time they are not dead. I'd appreciate it if you would not call TheNeoStrike, BDP and myself haters/blind mice. Please don't jump to conclusions.
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