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*after Fluttershy hugs Discord*

Discord: “Y’ouch!!!” 😵

Fluttershy: “Oh my. I am so sorry!” 😧

In summary, you almost died and you wrecked a patch of the Everfree on an adrenaline-fueled rampage.
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I wasn't expecting the ship to be canon, but please tell me Alice and Discord at least keep in contact!
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My heart literally can't handle how much these two care about each other... Come on, Mark, man up already! ^^; lol
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What?? About??? Alice??????
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Can you list canon ships in this story? :P
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Ok, I legit thought that Alice was walking in there in panel 2!

You have us hooked! Fluttershy checking up on Discord, now what about Alice? 233 showed us that she was safe (and comforting Discord).

Please, let Fluttershy have some kind reveal up her hoof!
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"Wait, I'm injured!"
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Alice come out 
don't pout 
don't make me shout 
Alice come out

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Wait..If Alice isn't here...The title "Goodbye"..........

Kaori Freaking Out Icon THEY CAN'T END IT HERE!! ALICE HAS TO LIVEEE!!!!!!

They can't kill a main character right?.. Sweating a little... 
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Oh but they can AND THEY MIGHT 😱
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Rarity (cry) plz NO NO NO NO NOOOO!!!!!!
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Ahh what a nice chapter, I wonder wha-
*Chapter name: Goodbye*
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They probably will
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Poor Alice. Him not remembering what happened with her
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Have you seen the MLP movie yet? 
I have a review on my channel 
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My vid or the movie?
cause here’s the vid…
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I've seen the film 

your right with every word 

I mean The Storm King was my most anticipated character and man did he SUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!
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Captain Cleo was mine. (Because she’s played by Gamora’s actor Zoe Salanda) and so was Tempest. Wasn’t disappointed with them aside from Tempest’s weak motivation for being evil.

The Storm king was boring 
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Yes yes yes and yes 

I think Ronan from the first GOTG was much better than Storm King 

yeah Tempest was badass but her motivation needed some tweaking 

although it wasn't really weak though I mean her friends lost the ball in the urea minor cave she goes in their fights it loses her horn and receives a scar and her friends abandoned her 

poor Tempest poor poor Tempest 

and hey hey did you know the Storm King was played by this guy:…
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