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ES: Find Yourself 228

MLP:FiM is owned by "Hasbro"!
Vectors taken from the show!


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I guess we have a new "Heraldic Bird" xD
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J'adore ta bande dessiner

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What are vectors?

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16
Last Panel: "Objection!"
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He's possessed! 0_0
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just realized... ponies are twice as flexible as humans but but also twice as fragile :/
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That's not necessarily true.
I mean, think of all the crazy amount of crashing and burning Rainbow Dash has to go through with her training, and then show me a human that can do the same.
Just leave. Let him wreck trees until his eyes stop glowing. They'll grow back.
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Like how Alice has been rendered in the first and last part!
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It was a one tailed, two headd purple polka dotted cockatrice
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Keep it up! Don't just let faith do it and give Alice some hard reality.

Though I do have to say that the climax is dragging.
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Did Discord just save Alice from that cockatrice?
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I love this comic so much. ^^
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always! You're truly great at what you do.
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He's still berserk...
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When is the next page coming out? I am always frustrated when I get to the most recent page of a story and have to wait. I know it's not the artist's fault or anything, but I just want to see what happens next and what is with that weird cockatrice like thing? 
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I'm not quite sure what just happened, but alrighty then!
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Just fast question: in first page, when they start fighting, Discord get "laser beamed" in body and it left, litterally
"a hole" in his body,
im asking: i dont see it now, where it dissapears?
I always trought, it was a reason, that he get THAT super mad. :-)

Anyway, another !!!AWESOME!!! page of this adventure, always soooo hyped, and waiting for another page EVERY FREAKING SECOND XDDD
Cant stop thinking about that! ( in school, at home, in the town, EVERYWERE :-D )
i just want keep turning my turret faster and FASTER!

*rotating a turret 500 deg/s*


*rotating a turret 3500 deg/s


*rotating a turret over 9000 deg/s*


*rotating a turret 1 Googol deg/s*

*Turret flies into skies and spaaaceee, while rick-rolle plays in the background*

I never shoot you stars DOWN!

(Sorry, overhyped again lol xDD)
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