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Mobius look so hug-able in the last few comics. He needs the power of friendship. 
Hopefully, it is done.
Shake dat jolly rancher.... >8)
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He tricked her I can just tell.
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Awesome story so far!
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Well, now that we're back on terra firma and Mobius is busy; I won't interrupt things.

(whispered aside: )
Happy Fluttershy   a-a-alice? I see you don't have that pretty gemsphere bunchier for your hair. I think Rarity can get you a new one.
Alice Goldenfeather Clap Icon phooey! i forgot mine! o-OK. Fluttershy blush She'd also like to invite you to our next visit to the spa.
Alice Goldenfeather Clap IconI would like that.
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Seems were approaching the end here
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And thus we reach the epic end of this epic story (or so it would seem *evil laugh*)
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Did Alice just get her Cutie Mark?
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Yes, break the crystal. Break it!
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Yes Möbius use your anger it gives you focus makes you stronger 
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Haha, the crystal is crack... Get it...

Ok, I'll go now...
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Honest question- where is the crystal even?

After the meteorites and earthquake it suddenly disappeared  from Alice's wing.

So, did she have it the whole time- at the beginning it would be "Give it to me" instead of "Bring it to me". But if not, then Alice must be really fast getting wherever that crystal is, and the text is correct.

 I don't know. Kind of just why I asked.
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So the ultimate way to beat the worm. BEAT IT WITH A CRYSTAL!!!! XD
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Use giant crystal thing!
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I'm sorry but that comment is made even funnier giving your profile pic
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