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whoah! plot twist! He knew how to stop the worm the whole time.
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“The ponies of Equestria
Should lock themselves away”
To read this comic and decide that
With this page came their best day

. . .

I’m kind of sorry?
I think this one is my favorite!
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This has to be my favorite Page of them all
See, this is the problem with superhero films. They glorify vigilantes, and then everypony wants to be a vigilante. You can't just have random ponies enforcing their idea of justice; they've got no accountability to keep their idea of justice in line with what is legal and fair.
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Yea,but basically every if not all vigilanties want revenge because something terrible happened in their past.

Sure,people can get revenge on the person..or in this case Creature that killed and devastated Maretania,But it doesn't solve anything.
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If he does the right thing, his sould will be blessed into Heaven(if ponies believe in such things).
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WOULD be blessed...
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it's all up to you Alcis
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The climax does drag on a little.
However you're doing good on Alice. Make others do the fighting for her as she is a weak mare physically. Don't make her magically powerful but make it a lesson on how even the weakest pony can make a tremendous difference.
avatar gif zuko Princess Luna Happy Emoticon. naruto gif Yes we all need it
The dude look like charcoal.... >8)
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Well shit...
bad guy came around
...does this mean that he'll die and rest peacefully with his friends now?
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So cute!! La la la la 
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YEAH! Way to step it up!!!
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Nice, using her cuteness and preciousness to manipulate others. I hope that's the case.
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next step is world domination
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I mean it. I hope that's the case, Alice using her strongest assists to her advantage.
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keep going!!!!!!!!
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