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Discord is lucky that most of his sins were so long ago.

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I can’t believe I’m saying this, but he kinda has a point. However, the way I see it (I think thanks to Firebrand or Silver Quill) is the way Chancellor Neighsay sees things: Ponies are the superior species. Because of that, other species don’t get to live as happily as ponies do. Don’t take what I’m saying too seriously though, I’m mostly guessing
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Not me.  I would forgive him.
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Didnt he previously say he broke his back or was that an excuse?
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Likely, from what little I know about magical beings, what we're seeing is inside of Alice's mind as he shows her what happened.  It's like in the movies where a mage shows someone a memory but the mage is still able to converse with the person who's seeing the memory.
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I think what we are seeing is his former self or a magical copy of himself, not his actual physical presence. But those are just hypotheses, and I could be wrong.
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"I had no any idea..."
"We had no any idea..."

Should delete "any", in both places.
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"Have you any idea how it feels like when you realize everyone and everything you know and love is gone forever?"

I'm sure Luna can sympathize with this guy. :/
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Panel 1, 1st speech column, 3rd sentence, "happend" should be "happened".

Panel 2 speech bubble could use revision, I recommend: "Do you have any idea what it feels like to realize everyone and everything you know and love is gone forever?"

Panel 4 speech bubble, 2nd sentence, could use revision, I recommend: "This could have happened to Equestria too, and still can."

Panel 5 speech bubble, 1st sentence, "bought" should be "brought". 2nd sentence, "let" should be "set".

Panel 6, 1st speech bubble could use revision, I recommend: "They didn't care one bit about the ponies that suffered because of him. Instead they helped this tyrant escape!"
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Glad I could help! ^^
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panel 2 also has Alice's left eye outline going ever her eye 
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I understand your pain, however i am not so blind to act without understanding ALL that has happend since that time, of knowing what steps were taken to lead to such a choice, of what is already in place should said choice turn against them.
you don't know a whole forest by looking at one tree.
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I would probably not, but you cannot act on your revenge now. You are a pony out of his time, no different than if a dead person were to come back to life centuries after his death. What ever it all meant to you back then nothing is here now, and it would not be here even without Discord's actions.   
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But Alice and Discord are friends man, can't you understand? 
And what will you say unto those who declare "Look upon the destruction Mobius has wrought by releasing Hirudo; surely he must be destroyed"? You can get as angry as you like about the past, but it won't change the fact that the past is not today.
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Except Alice ISN'T in his position. She can see things that he can't.
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I understand he's mad, but Discord has changed.
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the world has good things, bad things and some messed up thing. in equestria, the youth are born given delights enough to make a community of blind freedom. villians in the show managed to open there eyes for a short time until they too fell into the blind freedom. you then get this guy in Alice's story whose lost that blind freedom and can see the outside world of cruelty and outside of that blind freedom dome. becuase this stallion has lost alot of things he cant go back. so now he wants his own version of revenge. something harsh with a perfect world only means tougher choices. 

Just because discord has changed doesn't mean his image he has inflicted on others will. 
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This is it. Alice is finally gonna agree with him and become Discord's enemy from now on. :( -sigh- Come on, then, let's get this over with...
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I highly doubt it. He's no better than Discord for unleashing Hirudo back upon the world, and I hope she calls him out on that.   People change, but he is too blinded by his past and vengeful thoughts to see that Discord is no longer what he was. He actually cares about others now, enough to reign in his chaotic desires.
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*sees the next page* Yeah, you're right about that. :phew: :)
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And she did just that. Hee hee! :)
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