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When discord back normal soon Alice said you ok
Xein000's avatar
Just noticed something... didn't Discord have some burn markings on his chest?
I can't see them here, but I see them in the next page 213.

I also see the burn marks on page 211 on his chest.
karkovice1's avatar
NOW he's mad! :)
Don't think it's going to be that easy, Hirudo. Discord looks like he's still got some swinging left in him before he goes down.
And Aliceinwonderland is getting a nosebleed for some reason.... >8)
wildhawk441's avatar
Oh, who or what made Hirudo relinquish his magical vine grip on Discord?

Epic Boss Battle!! 25 pages into this finale and I am STILL riveted!
The-PurplePony's avatar
Am I the only one who thinks Hirudo looks slightly similar to these things:…
Not the shape or soze of course but when HIRUDO opened his mouth it just reminded me of this thing (and yes that is FN2187 and Firestorm) 

but about this page umm umm well I'm wrapped up in words but overall great the detailing is nice and EStories once again delivers a successfully interesting page about his comic!!! 
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PhoenixFlambe's avatar
What are they saying?
DaCountdownOfTime's avatar
i suppose someone is gonna get shrekt in this turn of events
Malzerwarth's avatar
RevyRainbow141's avatar
~starts playing Jeopardy Think Music~
templar127's avatar
Oh dat worm done f***** up!
Crysithehedgehog's avatar
Discord you are stronger than this thing
Undertaker972's avatar
Come on Discord, are you just gonna let it beat you like that?
Eclipse-mythbuster's avatar
I'm going pull a Kawii girl talk with another oc of mine called Golden Gaytime. Like the Ice cream.
Golden Gaytime: Nooooooo Senpai. You should have helped her. Discord~senpai help Alice~chan. Or call someone. Or sarcrafice your self for the greater good. (I want comments saying the greater good)
CherryCreamFairy's avatar
Lenno30's avatar
Worm: ok who is the slut know!?

Discord: I'm pretty sure it's still you.

worm: why am I surprised...

discord: because you're dumb af.

worm: shut up, slender man!

discord: oh you're the one to talk, pussy worm eating son of a bitch! 

Worm: any last words?

discord: celestia I chose you! Use tomahawk slap!!

celestia used tomahawk slap, it was effective...

worm: oh you son of a bitch!!

discord: literally shut the fuck up!! I hope you get aids you little dick!
RCelita's avatar
When is the next update exactly?
tigreanpony's avatar
Oh this is getting interesting, and Discord is pissed.
ikermolamil's avatar
I'm expecting Vinyl to appear soon with a bass cannon to blast everything into oblivion
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
I´ve seen enough hentain to know where this is going...

Alice: "I won´t let you hurt him!" (bodyslams the worm into the ground) "Stay away from Discord!" (breaks off one of its teeth) "Stay away from my friends!" (rips out the tendrils as it tries to grab her) "Stay away from EQUESTRIA!!" (Repeadetly stabs the worm with its own teeth, leaving only a purple-y pink-ish goo)
Discord: "... wow..."

Sorry if this wasn´t what you expected, but I´ve let the music I listen to influence this comment a lot. Here´s the song I´m listening to at the moment:…
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