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ES: Find Yourself 209

By EStories
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Vectors taken from the show!


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Discord's in the mother-bucking Avatar state!

Crystalas's avatar
I would so love it if something like this happened in the show, just Discord going nuts
Saiyanstrong's avatar
Shit he is going all out.
Corporal-Chaordic's avatar
This.  This is how discord should fight.
PiccoloFanXXL's avatar
i can't help but think of a story on Fimfiction called "rescue from the changeling hive" where Discord gets into a fight with Chrysalis. (the changeling queen)
Chrysalis defeats Celestia again (she did put up a better fight), and says, "what should we do with her?"
"i say you should let her go!"
"who said that?!" Chrysalis exclaimed. she looked around, but didn't see anything but her shadow.
then her shadow waved at her.
The-PurplePony's avatar
That actually sounds amazing !!!! But I have some pretty amazing stories myself!
elbdot's avatar
now THIS is the Discord that I WANTED to see in the show.
THIS is what we ALL WANTED. Badass Discord moments, awesome character development, TRUE REDEMPTION.
Instead the writers treated discord like a fucking joke. Now he is reduced to popculture references and dress-ups and didnt change at all since the season 4 finale. Actually everything that followed after the finale was a step downwards from what this character had the potential to become. Its just...sad.
So I read this comic with great enjoyment and wonder what it still has to offer for me in the future!
well done :aww:
GeneralRommel64's avatar
im so dissapointed in the writers of the script of the season 6 final, instead of discord using the power to destroy the shield (he can rip the fabric of reality so of course he can destroy the shield) they make him all sad, and walking around
GeneralRommel64's avatar
all of a sudden Hitler emerges out of that crack

SilkenWinds's avatar
YEAH YOU ARE ONE DEAD WORM, HIRUDO! Never piss off a draconequus.
Corporal-Chaordic's avatar
If you ever wondered how Discord fights, this is how.
crystalthehedghog998's avatar
discord is beyond mad
Seriously, Alice, either help or do the smart thing and run away. Don't just stand there gaping at the awesome power.
crazyappledashlover's avatar
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
The fight is still not ending...
mlp-lavender-moon's avatar
Discord is ANGERY

but srsly, run before you get blasted.
GeneralRommel64's avatar

never get that guy angry ok everbody
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 AtLA - Sokka Facepalm AtLA - Sokka Facepalm AtLA - Sokka Facepalm AtLA - Sokka Facepalm AtLA - Sokka Facepalm ...wrong on so many levels.
karkovice1's avatar
I don't I've even seen Discord so bada** before.
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