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ES: Find Yourself 206

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Vectors taken from the show!


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Exactly what I was thinking lol
GeneralRommel64's avatar
i thought she was gonna eat it at first XD
You can see the nigga coverin up his flank. He know exactly what she's gonna do with it.... (8)
Ajedi32's avatar
She looks adorable in that second-to-last panel. XD
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151Sakurastudios's avatar
She can smash it! That's what she can do!
I see that "Oh damn..." reference LOL
samuraivalerie's avatar
I have a feeling your about to find out...
*goes for popcorn*
ComfyDove's avatar
There's 200 pages of this comic already? xD
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Hope that crack sound wasn't her teeth, that would really suck.
DemonicClone's avatar
throw the crystal at the monster
tigreanpony's avatar
Oh I bet she can think of something, like throw it to Discord.
Pum6kin's avatar
Didn't Discord say that the red crystal will do something bad to him?
CandyEater9115's avatar
yeah. the crystal is the thing absorbing JUST Discords power.
EmoshyVinyl's avatar
Don't underestimate her Nexus.
DashCentry's avatar
*throws the crystal into the black pony's mouth

*exploding noises
scootaloo1945's avatar
panel 5 she eat crystal
Wabefuhon's avatar
What if you stab the worm with it?
It will absorb its own energy, creating a spatio-temporal anomaly which will destroy the whole universe.
... or it will just end being dead and Discord will be saved...
Wabefuhon's avatar
Usually the possible most dangerous option is the best solution.
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
DeskManiac's avatar
I hope Alice has a plan. Bcos if I were her I'd be standing there not knowing what to do.
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